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King George
This is a picture of King George . Facts.

When King George was little, he would put tar on the teachers chexternal image king(29).JPGair .
http://www.sinematurk.com/film_fragman/18850/ ;
This is a website with a video of King Georges madness.
external image 8918970?errorid=%2Ffreebase%2Fno_image_png&maxheight=200&mode=fit&maxwidth=150This is a pic of King George's madness.external image King_George_of_Hellenes.jpg
king george county map
king george county map

This is King Georges father who died Oct 25th 1760 @22 yrs old.
After King Georges father died,he decided to be a father to his people.
All his people were broke and they said why not tax the americans? King George said that
sounds great! so he taxed the americans.When a stamp tax was put out ,trouble had started.